The Wolf Among Us UI

A quick sample for a redesign of the UI of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. Inspired by Fable's combination of fairy tales & gritty crime drama, the style is a combination of 19th century illustrated novels and urban neon lighting. A series of rules were used to convert illustration and typography into a series of glowing strokes. This also allowed for two styles of animation, a quick fill along the stroke, or a flicker as the tubes are ignited.

Monotype Modern ST
The primary typeface.

The same typeface, with the neon styling

Ornamental drop caps, used for episode titles. The left is an original, while the right is a conversion from Le Morte D'Arthur

Blackletter episode numbers.

Classic playstation button icons converted to neon styling.

Illustrations from Aubrey Beardsley's Le Morte D'Arthur, which served heavily as inspirations for design. Also used as background content in episode selection screen.

Graphics used in the investiation mode of gameplay. Clockwise from top-left: player cursor, investigation point, cash icon, matchbook icon.

Interaction menu expanded.

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