Warframe HUD Redesign

Digital Extreme's Warframe is a neat game, but as a new player I found some of the HUD to be extremely messy. This project is an update to focus the information presented to the player. The primary changes here are to make the information more graphic, redesign how loot & rewards are presented, and generally clean up the presentation. There's a complete breakdown of the decisions, and comparison images, in this article.

Maximum possible information on screen. Every element active. 

Minimum information onscreen. 

Samples of bjective trackers in cooperative missions. Information is primarily communicated as text, with numbers to provide precise if you need it.

New player status, moved to the bottom centre of the HUD, with highlights to alert the player to low health/shield. Damage taken is represented as a highlight before being removed, to let the player know how hard they are being hit, as in fighting games. Status effects have been simplified, and are given a circular countdown.

Samples of teammate status display. Player emblems have been replaced with a frame icon, to give them more character and communicate what their abilities are.

New system for resource icons. Addition of the background shape informs players of the rarity of the resources they are collecting , and also gives them a nice pop off the background.

New style for rare rewards and mod pickups. Presented separate from crafting loot and with more celebration.

New map, now round.

New, scaling style of objective indicators. Warframe uses a staggered path of objectives, so often many will stack up. This lets them do so easily and maintain visibility.

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