Venturi is a fictional game inspired by sci-fi racing classics, but with a fantasy twist. The drive behind this concept was the line between advanced engineering and black magic. This project was created for a UI Design for Games class taught by Stephan Dube, and included development of player archetypes, mapping & wireframing, development of a style guide and a interactive prototype in Adobe XD.


To keep the project in scope, I chose to only create an "Exhibition Race" sub menu where players can set up a race with any specifications. This also included many different and scalable page archetypes to work with.

If you have a controller available, you can try the prototype for yourself here.


A hierarchy of all pages I planned for this project and their information.

User Flow

Flowchart of the expected player movement through the Exhbition Race menu.

Wireframe Prototype

The first draft of a prototype based on wireframes, and built in Adobe XD.



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